What is Opt-in Email Advertising | permission email Marketing?

Opt-in email advertising also called permission email marketing is modern aspect of direct marketing via emailing. Where by the email reader has as option to receive and read the mail. Opt in email marketing helps marketer for effective email marketing and email subscriber for the increased satisfaction.Permission marketing is most modern concept to the Email Marketing.
Opt in Advertising/ permission Marketing

When we surf for some websites, they ask us for to get free newsletter subscription or also write – “Subscribe to us” where we give our email id. They also make an option as receive newsletter at the time of purchasing products or software installation. They use those emails for the opt-in email advertising.

Opt in Email marketing can help customers to get information about new products,, new features, new blogs/information, special offers, discount coupons, sales promotions through email.

Opt in Advertising/ permission Marketing
This is an Example of Subscription Buttom which have been used in Websites to get the emails from the interested users online.

Generally opt in email marketing have high open rates because people only subscribe the mail in which they are already interested. They their-selves choose to receive the emails from the source site.This concept of email marketing is effective for the elimination of disadvantages of email marketing.

What is email Marketing | Direct Email Marketing

EmailMarketing is the one of the most powerful direct marketing method of to communicate the commercial message with the related people and firms. Any type of smaller or large business organization needs to communicate with their client, potential customers and their current subscribers. Email marketing helps firm to keep in touch directly with their business stakeholders.
Generally Commercial business firms are using email marketings for sending the different type of offers to the customers for the sales promotions and new product awareness and transactional purposes.
Email Marketing boost the relationship marketing which creates high customer loyality. As the Email marketings are one of the most powerful mean of Direct Marketing, they are less costly mean of internet marketing. 
What is Email Marketing

Uses of Email Marketing for the small and large Business firms

  • To reach new customer and promote business products and services.
  • Keep in touch with current customers.
  • Providing account and transaction related information to clients, employees and other related organization.
  • providing the information about new products, features, Special Offers, Sales Promotions, Price Cut-offs, and so on. 

2 Major Types of Email Marketing.

We only study the two major most common types of Email Marketing. They are 
Transactional Email and Direct Mail.

Transactional Emails: 

Transactional mails  are related with providing the message related with the customer's activities and transactions with the business firm. They includes the information about account creation, Maintainance, renewal notices, purchase order confirmations, password reset emails, order status, service expiry and different types of Notifications.

The Transactional Emails have high open rates,(i.e. 51%) in comparision with email newsletter, an effective email marketing strategy should utilize these emails with adding some ads, offers, promotions within the email templetes. The transactional email helps business organization to get increased customer satisfaction ad make the chance to make extra sales through attached ads and makeketing promotional messages.

Direct Mail: 

Direct Mail is sent direct to the current clients or potential customers for the business promotional purpose. The promotional messages could be new product awareness, Price cut-offs, special offers, discount schemes, etc. business firm collects the direct mailing list from the subscribers list of the websites, from face to face marketing campaigns, or from buying the bulk mailing list or business email list from email marketing firm.

You have to choose an Email Marketing Automated Software or Email Marketing Firm which provides you the qualitative and quantitative Mailing list and designs your ads or commercial messages into eye catching email templates, sends the effective email to the potential customers and increase your sales in the cost effective ways.
email marketing goal

The Best CDN, MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN is one of the Most trusted and largest Content Delivery Network provider (CDN) at this time. MaxCDN accelerate your site speed and decrease the server load time.The main reason I Recommend to choose MaxCDN is Higher SERP and SEO. You may not know that site load time plays a crucial role in your search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

Another big reason to use MaxCDN is that it integrates with WordPress fairly easily, speed up your site performance No matter how big your blog is.
Crash Resistance –MaxCDN allows us to distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to our main server thus making it less likely to crash.
Improved User Experience – After using MaxCDN, You will be noticed a decline in bounce rate on your site, also see increased in pageviews and numbers of pages viewed by each user by higher SERP and SEO Because a clearly  fast site means a lot for improved user experience.
Improvement in SEO – Google had already clearly stated that faster webpages tend to rank higher in Search Engines. MaxCDN is the mostly popular for its main feature of speed.

What is CDN?

CDN has the full form of Content Delivery Network,CDN is an interconnected system of cache servers that use geographical proximity as a criteria for delivering Web content.

 Why  CDN Is Needed?

When a visitor is far from your hosting, it makes the website slow because of the distance the information has to travel. So a CDN takes all the website's assets like images, js, css and other heavy objects and distributes them across their high speed servers around the world. So when a visitor loads the page, they load it from a server close to them and experiences a fast website
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CDN, MaxCDN, Control Panel

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Origin Shield
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Work smarter, not harder with REST API. Integrate users, zones and other resources into your applications.
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Security is our headache, not yours. MaxCDN's safeguards keep your content secure.
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why customers are choosing MaxCDN:

  • Fastest Network and Servers so they get the fastest speeds and website.
  • Easy setup. Existing plugins for the majority of website software. (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Vbulletin and many more.)
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  • Real-Time ReportingOur real-time reporting and analytics engine gives meaning to your data so you can make informed decisions.
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eToro Forex Trading For Everyone

The last few years have seen radical changes take place in the retail investment industry. Online forex trading platforms have made it possible for people who would never have had access to the capital markets before try their hand at forex trading and succeed. At the forefront of this forex trading revolution is the eToro forex trading platform.

The founders of eToro looked at forex trading and saw that the only thing complex about investing in currencies was the over complex software that was being offered to retail users. And so they created a platform that would simplify access to the forex market and open the gate for anyone interested in managing their own currency trading portfolio. As a result, millions of traders have joined eToro in their search for fiscal freedom and the opportunity to control their own financial future.
With the onset of the global financial crisis of 2008, even more traders realized that their money was safer in their own hands than in their bank accounts, and it was platforms like eToro which enabled them to take charge of their finance simply and efficiently.

Today the eToro forex trading community is the largest online investment network in the world, and includes traders from over 140 countries around the world.

eToro: on the cutting edge of Social Trading

Just over one year ago, when eToro launched its groundbreaking OpenBook platform, many people dismissed social trading as a far-fetched idea that would never catch on. Now, when social trading has become an established, if not the leading mode of trading, those same skeptics find themselves asking how they ever traded outside the framework of a social investment network.

And indeed, social trading has opened up many doors that were previously closed to non-professional retail traders, and even created some new ones in the process. Thanks to the eToro OpenBooktraders can share information easily, through automated live trading feeds that make the entire investment community transparent, which means that any ideas generated by the community is up for grabs for everyone.

However, unlike other social trading networks, eToro’s brand of social trading is not only about sharing information, but also about putting it to practical use. With the groundbreaking CopyTrader feature, traders can implement the trading skills of expert traders, or “Gurus” as they’re known in the OpenBook community, to their own portfolio. All you have to do is find the Guru you want to copy, select the percentage of funds you want to dedicate to copying that particular Guru, then sit back and watch your copied positions make their way in the markets.
The best thing about CopyTrader is that unlike any other automated trading mechanism it enables you to retain full control over your account. Don’t like a certain copied trade? You’re free to close it at any time. Don’t like the way your Guru trades? You’re free to stop copying him/her whenever you choose. Sounds simple, but this one little feature has brought about an entire new mode of investment called “people based” portfolios, wherein instead of investing in the unpredictable markets you invest in a much more predictable variable, which is the Guru’s trading ability.
Your next question is, how can I find the Guru for me? 
Well, the eToroOpenBook has made that pretty simple too, with the brand new “Guru Finder” feature. Just enter your criteria in the many parameters at your disposal, such as win/loss ratio, average trade duration, risk level, etc., and the Guru Finder will deliver a list answering your criteria exactly. You can then check out the Gurus’ personal profiles to find out more about their performance, their portfolios and their popularity in the OpenBook investment network. The Gurus themselves can also turn their copiers into extra profits through eToro’s Guru Program.
Recently, in light of the tremendous success and growth of the OpenBook social trading network, eToro has made some modification to its famous WebTrader online trading platform in order to accommodate the new social options available to eToro traders. The new WebTrader is even more streamlined and easy to use. The updated interface is simple to navigate and can also be customized according to your personal preferences. For example, you can now collapse and expand the live market rates box to make the specific markets you’re interested in more immediately accessible. In addition, the new rates box now includes a miniature price chart to give you a general idea of the current trend for each instrument, which you can then expand in the WebTrader charting software by clicking on the chart button.

The WebTrader is also automatically synchronized with eToroOpenBook, so any copied trades (manual or automatic) will immediately appear in the “Open Trades” panel in the WebTrader interface, where you will be able to edit them if you wish to do so. Thus, as far as social trading is concerned, no other platform even compares in terms of usability and smart design.

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